At Collison-Goll our quality objective is simple…always do things right the first time. From your initial contact to the delivery of your products, Collison-Goll is committed to an effective, ongoing quality program encompassing all processes directly and indirectly associated with the manufacture of your precision machined products.

Recognized for our commitment to quality, Collison-Goll has achieved certification to ISO/TS 16949:2009. Our networked SPC, machine maintenance program and continuous improvement systems have allowed us to move closer to our goal of zero defects

电子游戏平台官网 By constantly auditing our processes for possible improvements; reviewing KPI's monthly with all employees; and using a team approach when dissecting any non-conforming product, Collison-Goll ensures that quality is at the fore-front of our minds.

电子游戏平台官网 Every part manufactured at Collison-Goll has a unique Quality Control Plan. Depending on the customer requirements and the complexity of the component, Collison-Goll will utilize many quality tools such as our contract review committee, FMEA, Pareto analysis, PPAP's and material certifications.

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